Thursday 8th February 


Session 1 - Oncogene Signalling
Chair – Alex Swarbrick

Welcome David Vaux

Jim Woodgett, Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute Canada
Re-thinking signaling specificity through the lens of GSK-3

Kristin Brown, Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute
Crosstalk between oncogenic signalling pathways in breast cancer

Proffered Papers

Peter Leedman, WAIMR
RNA-based cancer therapeutics – are we there yet?

3:55-4:30 Afternoon Tea

Session 2 - Flash Talks and Melanoma Genomics
Chair – David Vaux

FLASH Talks 4 min x 10 talks

Proffered Paper

Graham Mann, University of Sydney
Insights from the Australian Melanoma Genome Project

6:10-7:30 Welcome BBQ
7:30-10:00 Poster Session I


Friday 9th February 


Session 3 - ECM/Metastasis
Chair - TBA

Erik Sahai, Francis Crick Institute UK  
Imaging Cancer invasion & therapy failure

Jeanne Tie, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute  
Emerging role of liquid biopsy in colorectal cancer: Detecting Minimal Residual Disease and Assessing Treatment Response

Proffered Papers

Thomas Cox, Garvan Institute
ECM Remodelling in Cancer and Metastasis Organotropism

10:35-11:00 Morning Tea

Session 4 - Oncogene/Tumour Targeting
Chair - TBA

Shiva Malek, Genentech
Harnessing kinase dependent and independent functions of RAF kinases to treat RAS mutant tumors

Proffered Paper

Mary Ann Anderson, The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute
The Emerging Role for BCL2 Inhibition in Haematological Malignancy

Proffered Paper

Michelle Haber, Children’s Cancer Institute
Molecular targeted therapy for childhood cancer

12:55-4:00 Lunch & Free Time

Session 5 - Guarding the Genome and Flash Talks
Chair - TBA

David Lane, A*Star Singapore
Early clonal events in epithelial cancers

Sharad Kumar, Centre for Cancer Biology
Caspase-2 as a suppressor of aneuploidy

Lorne Cancer Boomerang Fellow

FLASH Talks 4 min x 6 talks

6:25-7:30 Dinner
7:30-10:00 Poster Session II


Saturday 10th February 


Session 6 - Cancer Metabolism
Chair - TBA

Marcia Haigis, Harvard University
Mitochondrial Sirtuins/Metabolism

Proffered Papers

Tony Tiganis, Monash University
Obesity and liver cancer

Proffered Paper

10:30-11:00 Morning Tea

Session 7 - Stem cells and Cancer
Chair - TBA

Andreas Trumpp, Heidelberg Institute for Stem Cell Technology and Experimental Medicine Germany Stem Cell Function during Physiology and Cancer

Proffered Papers

Tannishtha Reya, UCSD 
Stem cells, signalling and self renewal

12:30-4:00 Lunch & Free Time

Session 8 - New advances in kinase inhibitors
Chair - TBA

Shom Goel, Dana Farber Cancer Institute Boston 
CDK4/6 inhibition in breast cancer: cycling from bench to bedside 

Grant MacArthur, Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute
Overcoming early adaptation to inhibition of BRAF in melanoma

Elise Kohn, NCI Bethesda Gynaecological
Cancer Therapeutics


The Ashley Dunn Oration
Chair - Ashley Dunn

Doug Hanahan, EPFL-SV-CMSO Switzerland
Microenvironmental Determinants of Invasion and Metastasis

6:30-6:40 Closing Remarks

Pre-dinner drinks and beach walk 
followed by Conference dinner
with after dinner speaker, Emeritus Prof Henry Ekert, Royal Children's Hospital and after party 

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